Let me introduce you to an individual who has a passion to change peoples lives through his unique gift to motivate, inspire people from all walks of life and ages. A person that can connect to the hearts of people no matter financial status or background. Someone who believes no matter  if you come from a gated suburban community, middle class, or poverty stricken drug infected environment your dreams can come true. An individual who has been speaking greatness in schools, colleges, youth detention centers, prisons, outreaches in the streets, youth sports organizations, and churches. An individual with over twenty years of experience Torrence "Short-Tee" Sims is a Husband, Father, Community Leader, Youth Sports Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Christian Hip Hop Artist, Licensed & Ordained Pastor as well as one of the most passionate and dynamic speakers you will ever meet or hear. Once Short-Tee realized that it was time to go to the next level as a speaker, he began listening to various speakers and watching motivational / inspiring videos. After listening and watching a message by Les Brown "You Got To Be Hungry" on youtube, he knew to be one of the best he must be with the best. After a lot of research he decided to join one of the most prolific leadership organizations in the nation The John Maxwell Team to help in his growth as a leader and speaker.


Growing up in Gadsden, AL at a young age was told by his grandfather these words "people fought and died for you, so you can be whatever you want to be", words that have been the foundation of his life. Torrence's grandfather (Al Sims Sr.) died when he was eight years old and his grandmother months later. So, his mother Janice Sims was forced to raise a young man on her own as a single parent. Torrence faced the usual inner city factors, low income, poverty stricken parts of life like drugs, gang violence, welfare, negative influences, death of friends, teen pregnancy to name a few. With the local drug dealers knocking on his door he found sports and church as the outlet. As a junior at Litchfield High School he was part of a Alabama High School 4A State Championship but in his Senior season a critical knee injury changed his college football plans.


He made a decision to join the United States Navy where he served and fought in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Later, he joined the United States Army Reserves and was called to active duty after 9/11 to served in Operation Noble Eagle(United States),  Operation Enduring Freedom (Bagram, Afghanistan) with 310th Chemical Company where he served as the Chaplin since the company did not have one.


Torrence resides in Birmingham, AL with with his wife Paula, and two miracle children, daughter Imani(18), son Isaiah(13). He is the co-founder and CFO of Extended Hands Alliance (EHA)  a nonprofit organization that assist the less fortunate and homeless. Also he serves as a youth sports coach with Pinson Valley Youth Sports and serves on the board. He has accumulated numerous awards such as *Quest for Excellence Fighting Back Award for Drug and Gang Prevention (2000), Big Brothers Big Sisters Big Brother of the year for the state of Alabama (2000), 2004 Hip Hop Harvest Golgotha Award of Birmingham, AL for Hip Hop Community Service, Outstanding Volunteer 2006 for J.C.A. & Need A Chance, Inferno Pioneer Award 2011, Birmingham Helping Hands Award 2011, and many appreciation awards for coaching youth. . He consistently mentors young leaders as well


 As a hip hop artist Short-Tee is a Christian with a high impact flavor that appeals to different ages, races, and music listeners. Many have labeled him the “LL Cool J” of Gospel Hip Hop due to his looks, sound, crossover, energetic, hard hitting style. This brother has taken the negative influences of a single parent home, drugs, gangs, death, and teen pregnancy to name a few, and turned it into a positive. He is determined to push the message that the odds can be against you but you can beat the statistics. His energy gets your blood pumping with a blend of current hip hop beats and samples, traditional gospel songs, dancing, crowd participation, and skits mixed with original lyrics like a chef in a kitchen. In this kitchen everyone will find something they can eat on and the desert will have you worshiping our Lord and Savior and the angels in heaven rejoicing about the souls that were saved. He has toured & performed with several Grammy & Dove Award winning artist such as: LaCrae, Donnie McClurkin, Toby Mac, Big Daddy Weave, Chris Tomlin  & many more. He has received numerous awards for community work, pioneering areas of Christian Hip Hop, inspiring youth, and mentoring.   You can find Short-Tee's music projects (Operation Save, Operation Save Mix CD, Classified Ads, Chip Off Da Ole Rock) on most digital outlets & he has many guest appearances on various artist projects.


 Short-Tee speaks to inspire sports organizations (all ages), youth detention centers, prisons, churches, schools (all ages), colleges, athletic organizations (youth, high school, college, professional), conferences, community events, businesses, leadership training, and more. He is also an intricate fixture of Hydrate Campus Tours (www.hydratecampustours.com) as a speaker, host, and artist. You can catch Short-Tee every Wednesday on Facebook Live on his weekly inspirational segment "Taking No Shorts with Short-Tee" as well as on YouTube. Always letting people know as long as you have breath in your body, your dream is not dead! He has been blessed with a gift to be versatile with his messages to all ages. He is far more than just a speaker. He has spoke many stages, areas, with greats such as: Scott Dawson, Rick and Bubba, John Smithwick, Mark Chirona, Tommy Kyllonen(Urban D) and many more. He has also been proveleged to speak at the largest back to school rally R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Rally Birmingham, AL. He is very global mission oriented to reach the masses. He has graced stages as an artist and speaker in Guatemala, Peru, & Mexico with Global Ventures www.globalventures.tv or www.johnsmithwick.com also Waskaginish , Canada. While active duty in the United States Army touched many as a speaker and artist in Bagram, Afghanistan.


 You might ask, "why do I need this guy"? You need more than a speaker! You need someone with a Champion Mentality to change the mindset of the defeated! You need someone who cares and has a passion for people, that brings energy and excitement along with relating to the positon of many individuals to inspire all to the point of Greatness.   Parents have contacted him letting him know how their homes have have changed after he spoke at their event. Men have heard his message then made decisions to be better fathers, husbands, and sons. Women have heard his message then made decisions to be better mothers, wives, and daughters. Athletes have walked away knowing they are more than athletes. After speaking in prisons inmates have approached him with tears in their eyes saying "thank you for caring".  Testimony after testimony of of the homeless that heard his message of Greatness, now are not homeless, have jobs, homes, some are even small business owners.


Torrence "Short-Tee" Sims has three points of his calling he has accepted:

1. To give people the expectancy of tomorrow

2. The Now Faith to make it through today

3. To help push you past your past

 Torrence "Short-Tee" Sims has coined the this closing statement A Champion, Changing Lives, Building Champions! Remember we are (TNS) "Taking No Shorts"! Letz Go!

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